Cup With Handle Chart Pattern

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When you are day trading cup and handle patterns, you must realize that not all handles are created equally. The funny thing about the formation is that while the handle is the smallest portion of the pattern, it is actually the most important. The cup and handle is one of the easiest chart patterns to identify, because we all can recognize a cup.

  • They then apply the same length to add their price target.
  • When intraday trading, cup and handles tend to perform better during active times of a specific currency pair.
  • The close of the gap from early March signaled the start of the handle.
  • Therefore, such Cup and Handle Patterns, where the cup of the pattern takes a V-shape are best to avoid as the trading signals generated by them are not very reliable.

When we get this indication, we can buy or sell the Forex pair depending on the potential of the pattern. The bearish Cup & Handle starts with a bullish price move, which gradually slows down and turns into a bearish move. As we said, the classic cup and handle pattern has its bearish equivalent – the bearish Cup & Handle, which is a mirror image of the standard Cup & Handle.

It helps improve the odds of the price moving higher after the breakout. A cup and handle is a bullish technical price pattern that appears in the shape of a handled cup on a price chart. A cup and handle is a technical chart pattern that resembles a cup and handle where the cup is in the shape of a «u» and the handle has a slight downward drift.

What Does A Cup And Handle Tell You?

Shares and stock indices with lots of upward momentum prior to the cup and handle forming tend to produce the most favourable cup and handle patterns for trading. In this case, traders may focus on stocks or indexes that saw strong percentage advances heading into the cup and handle pattern. What if I told you that taking the depth of the cup and adding it to the breakout value is the wrong way to set your price target.

Remember that you should always use your knowledge and risk appetite to decide if you are going to trade based on ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ signals. Any and all information discussed is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered tax, legal or investment advice. A referral to a stock or commodity is not an indication to buy or sell that stock or commodity. A breakout is when the price moves above a resistance level or moves below a support level.

cup and handle pattern

There can be false signals or “False Cups and Handles” that give misleading information to traders. For experienced traders, it is easy to identify and incorporate Over-the-Counter this pattern into a trading strategy. You would put your stop loss just a few points below the resistance line on the break of which the trade was entered.

We have discussed many different types of chart patterns to date. Today we will talk about a somewhat lesser known pattern but one that is still highly effective. I am referring to the Cup and Handle Pattern for Forex trading. The following material will outline the unique structure of this pattern as well as a strategy for successfully trading it. History also indicates that Gold could rise beyond the log target. These cup and handle patterns were a springboard to levels well beyond the log target.

Basic Characteristics Of The Cup With Handle

Learn how to trade forex in a fun and easy-to-understand format. All the same concepts apply, regardless of whether the cup is “U” shaped, “V” shaped or wavy, or whether the handle is a triangle, wedge, or channel. The potential profit is twice the risk because the risk is the size of the handle.

cup and handle pattern

Plot the extension from the base of the cup to the start of the handle, then to the handle’s low. One hundred percent of the extension is considered a conservative price target for world currencies breakouts, while 162 percent is considered an aggressive price target. In general, traders should look for a cup depth that’s no more than one-third of the previous advance and lasts between one and six months.

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For instance, you can place a stop buy order just above the upper trend line of the handle to capitalize as soon as the price breakout begins. A strategy in more uncertain patterns is to place a limit order just below the pattern’s breakout level, which can trigger execution in the event Promissory Note of retracement. Matching the previous peak, the stock’s volume will taper off. The share price will establish a new level of support that trades sideways for a short term . After the initial decline, the stock will find support as bears come back in to capitalize on the lower price.

cup and handle pattern

Chinese stocks fell hard Monday, including giants such as Alibaba,… Chinese stocks fell hard Monday, including giants such as cup and handle pattern Alibaba, Baidu and, over concerns about more disruption. The handle should form in the upper part of the entire pattern.

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But the point is that you need to define exactly how the handle will look, and at what point you will trade it. The price can be quite choppy while forming a handle, so if you don’t have precise rules, you will have more losing trades. Write down all the details of how you will trade in your trading plan. In the pattern above, and some of the examples, the stock fell by about 60% and then quickly recovered (the “cup”). During this particular time period, this happened to a lot of stocks. In order for me to consider a cup and handle trade, I want to see the handle contract.

Simple Cup And Handle Trading Strategies

Every book and blog you can find on the web will say to just sell once this one-to-one ratio is achieved. The security finally broke out in July 2014, with the uptrend matching the length of the cup in a perfect measured move. The rally peak established a new high that yielded a pullback retracing 50% of the prior rally, nearly identical to the prior pattern.

With proper planning of entry points, profit targets, and stop losses, a represents an excellent risk to reward ratio for smart traders. Another consideration when evaluating a cup and handle pattern is trading volume. Together with additional indicators, the cup and handle chart pattern can be a valuable tool in determining how to invest in stocks. A cup and handle pattern is considered a bullish signal extending an uptrend in the stock market and is used to discover the opportunities to go long. As you might expect from the name, the cup and handle chart is a technical indicator that looks like a cup with a handle.

From this point forward, the bias begins to tilt gradually higher. During this phase the stock may be the subject of positive Wall Street analyst comments, a new product announcement or legal victory. As the rally gains steam sentiment improves dramatically and new buyers begin to talk about certain new highs but those that purchased the stock at or near top#1 get ready to sell. These investors may have been waiting as long at 12 weeks for an opportunity to sell their positions without incurring a loss and they are not dissuaded by all of the new found bullish talk.

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